Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Abi's Oatbran Carrot Cake for Dukan Dieters and others!

I thought I would try out a new cake recipe!
It is absolutely delish!

Just by the way, I was down to 15st 11lbs or 221 lbs on Saturday

Abi's Oatbran Carrot Cake    


2 large carrots or 3 medium
1 inch (2-3cm) long piece of ginger
90g oatbran
75g skimmed milk powder
10g cinamon powder
2tbsp vanilla essence
12g Splenda (or sweetner of your choice to taste)
1tbsp custard powder (or corn flour if you prefer)
20g baking powder


1.Weigh out all the dry ingredients into one bowl (in any order)

2. In a separate bowl, put in the other items that are listed below:
Grate carrots and ginger;
Add 3 whole eggs;
Pour in the vanilla essence

3. mix the carrots and wet ingredients.

4. Add dry ingredients and mix thoroughly

5 Pour into a silicon  baking dish or into a paper cake tin liner.

6. Bake on a low oven heat like 150- 180 and no higher, for about 40 minutes or until a knife or skewer comes out clean.

I put my baking tin liner in a Saladmaster "church pan" with 250 ml of water in the base , poured in my cake mix and cooked it on low. It took about 20 minutes.

It is so delicious and does not need anything else.
I guess for the who must, they can use some 0% fat yoghurt like the Onken Vanilla, to go with it!

It freezes well and is bst thawed to room temperature. For those who must eat cake hot, eat it right after baking (cooking in my case! Lol!

If you try ths cake, please let me know what it was like.

It gives 12 portions and 4 of the 12 contain one day's ouatbran or each pece is a quarter of your 30g Oatbran allowance on Dukan.

For my Slimming World purposes, I calculate the syn values as:

2 large carrots or 3 medium                                              Syn Free
1 inch (2-3cm) long piece of ginger                                  Syn Free
90g oatbran                                                                        14.4 Syns
75g skimmed milk powder                                                15 Syns
10g cinamon powder                                                         Syn Free
2tbsp vanilla essence                                                         Syn Free
12g Splenda (or sweetner of your choice to taste)            Syn Free
1tbsp  (12g)custard powder (or corn flour if you prefer)   2.25 Syns
20g baking powder                                                           less than 2 Syns

So that is 33,65 Syns and 2.8 Syns per slice- I will round that up to 3!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Slimmer of the week! A whopping 5lbs in a week!

So I told you that I am in a Slimming World Group....well Imagine my shock when I was called up as Slimmer Of The Week!!!!
I AM OFFICALLY 15ST  13LBS!!!! that is 223lbs. I have broken 16st!

5 whole pounds between two Wednesday weigh in days!!!!

The discovery of edamame spaghetti has freed me up no end!

Image result for explore asian edamame spaghetti
Thiis my Saturday  (often post workout) meal with at least 7 vegetables and lean meat.
I also try to eat it twice more in the week, for dinner.. It is high in protein, made with finely sliced and or grated vegetables.

Because I cook in a saladmaster pot, There is absolutely no dded oil.

I cook the meat in the heated dry cookware, releasing its oils and lubricating the saucepan.
The veggies are then added (no water and the heat turned to low..
I rinse off the spaghetti and add to the saucepan, add some sauce (preferably low calorielike the Dolmio 'light' varieties) then sprinkle grated cheese.

I am full and water completes . the meal

It has to be experienced to kno!

Have a great week ahead!... and wish me luck1

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Happy 2018! I have found my feet!

It is said that sometimes, things have to get worse! ...To even hit rock bottom, before they can get better! I must say that my experience has proved this to be true! T

This morning, I came up as 226lbs or 16St 2lbs!
I am elated as I can see 15 stone in sight!

So how did I get here, considering that at an all tome high of 17 St 8lbs as a typical weight over the last 3 ears, I was beginning to despair and lose hope for ever hitting my ideal of 11St 7lbs.

I now attend Slimming World meetings and i feel supported with belonging to a tangible group as opposed to a solely online one.

Lesson 1: One size never fits all! Explore what is available to you and be true to yourself! Adjust what you are being offered so that you are comfortable with it, afterall, once you begin this battle, it becomes a lifelong experience.

I do slimming world SP for up 5 days at a stretch! These are basically Dukan PV days for me.
Yes you are allowed fruit...but I am not really a fruit person so I generally don't but I indulge in my vegetables.

I invested in Saladmaster cookware and  Inow love the tasty food I cook! It is so easy to cook with vegetables that I do not have any difficulty in cooking and eating a wide range of vegetables.In addition the nutritional contet of your food is preserved and the body is fed high quality nutrition- No added oil, less seasoning, particularly salt etc!It is paying off!

My next steps are to :

1. see if I can build protein only days into my routine! Right now, my weekends involve a day of being very good at PV- no cheating and eating as much and as many times as I wish  and a second day (usually Sunday) that includes a restaurant meal ...and I do not refuse desert!

I believe that on the revised Dukan, you are allowed a three course meal with a small glass of wine on one day a week anyway.

2. Build some oatbran into my week and ideally, my daily diet!

As I write, I am experimenting with baking a variation on my chocolate cake (posted in 2010) and I used grated carrots to provide the 'water' (as my Saladmaster pots allow) and just simplified the ingredients so it would not stray too far to satisfy the slimming world allowances.

Cocoa powder150g                          27 syns 
Oatbran- 120g                                  Healthy extra b choice for 2.67 days    so over 7 day, it is less                                                                  than 0.4 of the heathy b allowance)   
Powdered milk   60g                        11 syns     (healthy extra a)     
4 medium finely grated carrots        syn free
6 eggs                                               syn free
25g baking powder                           2 syns   
15g Splenda sweetener                    syn free

 6 pieces-
 6 days Dukan allowance                  Total syns 39syns or 5.5 syns  (out of 15 daily) per slice

Of course the cake was cooked in my salad master pot! I used damp kitchen paper ad a paper cake tin liner.

3. Daily exercise!

Wish me luck!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Week 1 2016 update

230.6 lbs
that is 4.2 lbs
No exercise this week... it has been busy.
Let us see what next week brings... but I am happy with 4 lbs + weekly.
That can be my target and my measure of I expect:

222.6 or less on 29/05/16

206.6  lbs ...26th June

190.6 lbs ... 24th July

176 lbs   ... 21 st Aug

160.6 bs ... 18th September!  (The projections from the Dukan site are for me to reach this at the beginning of January 2017 but it is said'  "Reach for the stars, and you will at least get the moon!"

Wish me luck!

Sunday, 8 May 2016

2016 Journey to Weightloss Success!

Weight loss is a journey.
I have been exploring this for about 10 years now.

My first ever diet was weightwatchers and I was about 15 stone 10. I lost weight and plateaued at 14 stone 6. when I remember panicking at the fact that I had been successful at losing weight... Crazy?

After hitting 16 stone 6 lbs about 2 years later, I tried one of those programs Dr Dukan referred to and what I remember as industrial food diets. The promise was losing 3 stone in 100 days (remembering to drink 2 litres of water a day).
It worked! I went down to 14 stone 4lbs... the again, I panicked. I started to self-sabotage by visiting the supermarket on my way home from weigh in / counselling days. I started off with 'healthy cheats... macadamia nuts (so I wouldn’t come out of ketosis) then it progressed to protein and eventually I let in my chocolate addiction. I wasn't exercising much - they said you didn’t have to!
I kept the weight off for about 2 years then I quickly hit 16st 10 lbs.... That was when I found the Dukan diet.

I eventually got down to 14st 0 lbs then stated to cheat.... I kept at it on and off, gaining some then I let go, resumed again and got to 13st 5lbs.....PANICK!!!!

I decided to just take it in my stride, eating a balanced diet with some Dukan days but some carbohydrate days, but juicing in blocks.

But this time, I hit 17 st and a few pounds! After discovering slim noodles and rice (Holland and Barrett) and I have attained and maintained about 16 stone with the odd pound or three over. (I was 15stone 8 before Christmas, but that did not last long.

One thing I have learnt is that for me, exercise is key!

I walk for two hours in one stretch once a week but at the moment, I do not do any other exercise.
I am 52 and 2 months and this cannot continue!
Today is the beginning of the rest of my life!

I know the Dukan Diet works for me...I don’t care what others have said!

I have ordered Slim -in- 6...I will start the old Dukan attack today and do it for 4 days. , while I wait for my exercise program. I will bake and prepare today. My PV (Cruise) routine will start next Sunday.

I will weigh myself weekly and write a weekly blog.

My starting weight for today, Sunday, 8th May, 2016  is....


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Slow but sure

Weight today is 103.4 kg or 16st 4lbs or 228lbs... below 230! next target is below 225lbs!
Havent exercised but still must aim to make a routine!
Busy days with early starts and late evening are excuses!
I must find a way ...  and prioritise myself.