Sunday, 6 December 2020

My December check in

 As you can imagine, and as you know, weight loss is a lifelong commitment. Paragraph if you have a tendency to put on weight if your body has shown you that you can’t put on weight either by being overweight in the first place or by having gained weight, you know that this is something that you need to watch for the rest of your life..

Bad habits bad habits, if truly habits, once repeated uncountable times will yield results... be they good or bad.

So it will not surprise you that in the course of time I have also explored various other perspectives on weight loss. One of the ones that hits me as really important and sensible was bright line eating. I practised it and began to think a bit more about it when a colleague told me that my obsessive weighing of food was tantamount to a food disorder. At that point I decided that I wasn’t going to become a slave to the rules but that is gave me a guide as to what needed to be done. It gave me an insight as to what my plate should look like but I have refused to measure and to restrict myself as I believe that cravings can be the body’s demand for certain nutrients.

I ran my DNA where it said that my caffeine intake was higher than average. I questioned that because I don’t drink coffee very often and neither do I drink tea, except if I have a craving for it and that is probably once a year. What that did was point me to examine exactly what I eat and I realise that l  have other things that I eat that fulfil the supply of caffeine ...  chocolate itself contains quite a bit of caffeine.

So confession time! I stopped eating chocolate but found that I was eating ice cream more. Now what I did was reduce my ice cream intake but I didn’t cut it out completely. In the month of November I also started just been conscious of the need to move around more and that meant moving around my house more rather than just being prostrate on my couch. I must say however that I have not taken up a rigid exercise routine but that I hope that the month of December will take me to that new level.

In terms of what I eat, I have for the most part, cooked meals though I have still spoilt it somewhat because I have developed a liking for pies. In that sense I am eating more flour than I should. In factIn terms of bright line eating I should not be eating any flour at all and of course for Dukan that also is true. I am not beating my self over  the head but what I am saying to myself is I have not eaten sugar and now I must work on healing that craving for flour..

I am not in competition with anyone and what I hope to do is to make some steady progress with my eating habits under the current circumstances. Many years ago I did about a year and a half of Lighter Life dieting and I realised then through the counselling that I am emotional eater. What I’m doing is taking all this awareness and trying to bring it together for myself. I am committed and understand the Dukan method and ultimately I hope to return to that though I have also become more aware of the benefits of vegetarianism and if possible veganism. It means that I am looking to see how I can do the Dukan in a vegan or at least way without eating processed products! Soya in large quantities is not for me so it is not so straightforward for me to navigate my intended path.

My weight at this current time is 246 1/2 lbs or 111.8 kg.

It is a loss but not drastic! My projection is, at worst 3-4kbs a month... in a year, that is 36 -48 lbs.

In 2 years, 72 lbs at worst 

In 3 years  108 lbs ... that takes me below my goal weight of 160 lbs.

Imagine if I exceed that? I will reach my goal faster!

So, no pressure! All previous efforts yielded and brought me right back and worse! Good intentions will guide me. 

See you in the new year for my next update (Deo Volente).

Wish me luck!

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