Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Abi's Oatbran Carrot Cake for Dukan Dieters and others!

I thought I would try out a new cake recipe!
It is absolutely delish!

Just by the way, I was down to 15st 11lbs or 221 lbs on Saturday

Abi's Oatbran Carrot Cake    


2 large carrots or 3 medium
1 inch (2-3cm) long piece of ginger
90g oatbran
75g skimmed milk powder
10g cinamon powder
2tbsp vanilla essence
12g Splenda (or sweetner of your choice to taste)
1tbsp custard powder (or corn flour if you prefer)
20g baking powder


1.Weigh out all the dry ingredients into one bowl (in any order)

2. In a separate bowl, put in the other items that are listed below:
Grate carrots and ginger;
Add 3 whole eggs;
Pour in the vanilla essence

3. mix the carrots and wet ingredients.

4. Add dry ingredients and mix thoroughly

5 Pour into a silicon  baking dish or into a paper cake tin liner.

6. Bake on a low oven heat like 150- 180 and no higher, for about 40 minutes or until a knife or skewer comes out clean.

I put my baking tin liner in a Saladmaster "church pan" with 250 ml of water in the base , poured in my cake mix and cooked it on low. It took about 20 minutes.

It is so delicious and does not need anything else.
I guess for the who must, they can use some 0% fat yoghurt like the Onken Vanilla, to go with it!

It freezes well and is bst thawed to room temperature. For those who must eat cake hot, eat it right after baking (cooking in my case! Lol!

If you try ths cake, please let me know what it was like.

It gives 12 portions and 4 of the 12 contain one day's ouatbran or each pece is a quarter of your 30g Oatbran allowance on Dukan.

For my Slimming World purposes, I calculate the syn values as:

2 large carrots or 3 medium                                              Syn Free
1 inch (2-3cm) long piece of ginger                                  Syn Free
90g oatbran                                                                        14.4 Syns
75g skimmed milk powder                                                15 Syns
10g cinamon powder                                                         Syn Free
2tbsp vanilla essence                                                         Syn Free
12g Splenda (or sweetner of your choice to taste)            Syn Free
1tbsp  (12g)custard powder (or corn flour if you prefer)   2.25 Syns
20g baking powder                                                           less than 2 Syns

So that is 33,65 Syns and 2.8 Syns per slice- I will round that up to 3!

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